Entrust your wealth and investments to the team that will protect your interests.

At Allerton Busan Group, we offer wealth management and investment advisory services.

We combine our wealth services with intelligent data-driven market projections and other financial services to ensure our clients gain the maximum benefit from their accrued wealth.

Results Above Expectations

Formulated in 2008, we have seen our clients through the highs and lows of the financial markets, always providing results above expectations. Our team has proven expertise in risk management, increasing assets, and capital appreciation.

We are resourceful with all available assets, applying them to multiple strategies simultaneously, including foreign exchange trading, commodities, derivatives, trading stocks, and making use of financial futures instruments.

It is our mission to get the most out of every investment for the continued success of every client we work with.

A Unique Perspective

We have assembled a team of over 230 staff, working from our two office locations in Seoul, South Korea, and Toronto, Canada. Each team member is recruited from around the world, with differing backgrounds and cultures combined to deliver a whole-world view of the financial markets.

This gives us the competitive advantage of understanding how different countries handle investments. We have the insight to address the unique needs of our clients in any market.

Our network is global, and we use it to establish new and improved connections with other professionals in the industry, including hedge funds we work closely with, banks we partner with, and brokers we trade through.

Strong Ethical Values

We believe that strong ethical values and principles are the cornerstones of a successful business.

While reviewing potential new hires, we consider their skill set and how they will fit in with our existing team's dynamic, as we recognize that it is crucial for us to collectively grow as professionals if we want to continue to deliver superior client services.

Our clients come first, and every investment is made to your advantage. We increasingly invest in green industries to protect the environment and drive future growth, simultaneously ensuring the best investments for our clients - and the planet.

Grow Your Wealth With Us

If you are interested in partnering with us to manage your wealth or setting up investment accounts for you and your family, please get in touch with us.

We work with businesses, high net worth individuals, affluent families, and those who need strong investment advice outside of their current financial footprint.

We are always looking for new clients, offering a personalized service to all customers. We can help you take your money further than ever before.

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