We offer multiple financial services to help you maximize your investments and reach your financial goals.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with our Retail Office located in Toronto, Canada, Allerton Busan Group sits in the heart of two of the world's most significant financial hubs.

Surrounded by multinational companies and offering great potential for investments, we firmly believe that Seoul and Toronto are the perfect locations to begin your journey towards a secure financial future.

If you are an individual investor, we can help you create a financial strategy and implement it to help you meet your goals. We can also assist you with the setup and management of an investment portfolio, offering customized advice on asset allocation based on your preferences, time horizons, and risk tolerance.

Strategies You Can Trust

One step at a time, we work with you to make sure you understand everything about your investments and carefully consider your options.

Your dreams and goals will be thoroughly understood, and we will provide actionable steps to help you achieve them. Every investment strategy is built with your current situation and your specific targets in mind.

Simple, Accessible and Affordable

Our business model is built around the idea that managing your wealth should be simple, accessible, and affordable while protecting the environment through responsible business practices and sustainable investments.

With excellent customer service, sound risk management, and continuous operational efficiency improvement, we provide innovative products to meet evolving client needs.

Your Wealth is Our Priority

With a team of more than 230 financial experts at our disposal, we manage over $24.16 billion (USD) in assets for clients worldwide and have experienced rapid growth since our formulation in 2008. This experience level means that we have dealt with most market conditions and can be relied on for sound advice even during the most volatile periods.

We are committed to helping you preserve your capital now while developing strategies to provide growth in the coming years.